Why is so hard for a big girl to get a job…

Ok, so I just recently graduated from UCLA with a BA in Asian American Studies. Given that my GPA isn’t the highest I still thought with the competitive history at UCLA that someone would deem me┬áhire-able, but that proved wrong more than ten times. You see, I can no longer respect the companies that I have been interviewed by due to the fact that I am overweight. How can one judge me without learning about my abilities and checking references. They assume that because of my weight, that I am incapable or incompetent. Well, kiss my foot companies. You will be reaping exactly what you sew, and when your company and it’s associates are begging mine for business, I will remember. One day all of us big girls and big boys will be running these companies and we will be firing your behind. Can’t wait for that day. Next time, give the big girl a job. She went through so much just to get there.


Hello world!

the ride home

Welcome to my first blog, hopefully it will be a success! I do need to say that I would like to give a shot out to Sarah Nguyen for putting me up on game in Professor Omatsu’s class about wordpress! Thank you Sarah and Omatsu for having the class! Never would have made it without your wonderful insight. Damisele Impressions is a step I want to take into documenting aspects of my life, family, friends, and news in order to start my project which is writing a book and starting my publishing company. If anyone would like to help me get that started, please do so. I am open for any suggestions! Another thing is I am Pacific Islander and what is driving me to do this is the fact that there are so many people, stories, wonderful works in the Pacific yet they are not being published. I need your help in doing so! Thank you all for hooking up with this blog! I do hope that I can grow as a blogger, and that I will have your support in doing so. In the mean time, I want you to follow me until I graduate from UCLA this year in JUNE hopefully. I am planning on flying to Tonga afterwards and spending the summer in Tonga for the Heilala Festival! Hopefully there will be some really good pictures from that as well. Ok, well, I do appreciate your support! Have a wonderful day/Week!